In the realm of energy, Venttup recognizes the significance of this sector. It encompasses the production, distribution, and sale of diverse energy forms that fulfil society’s needs. Venttup’s involvement extends to innovation and sustainable procurement solutions in renewable energy projects, ensuring that energy remains a lifeline for homes, businesses, transportation, and industries.


In the expansive realm of construction, Venttup plays a pivotal role. The construction industry, and its broader ecosystem are the foundation of our economies and are fundamental to our day – to – day lives. We are a comprehensive solution for all construction material supplies to infrastructure companies & contractors. Our board range of supplier base can serve the business requirement anywhere in India. Venttup’s involvement spans diverse stakeholders, builders, architects, contractors & affordable housing developers for their sustainable construction material procurement.


Venttup stands at the forefront of the manufacturing sector, propelling its evolution. Our involvement encompasses the intricate process of crafting tangible goods through the orchestration of labour, machinery, tools, and multifaceted processes. Across a diverse array of industries – energy, automotive, electronics and beyond -Venttup’s influence extends. Our expertise spans assembling, fabricating, moulding, machining, and more, tailored custom manufacturing to the specifics of each industry and product.
  • We stand beside our customers engaged in Energy business, EV sector & precession mechanical components, aiding them in selecting the most fitting suppliers with a strong sustainability focus.
  • Our commitment to transparency extends from supplier selection through meticulous techno-commercial evaluation of proposals to a seamless payment process, ensuring a trustworthy partner in every step of the journey.
  • We offer a vast network of manufacturers dedicated to producing top-tier sustainable materials for the construction industry.
  • Our services cater to a wide spectrum including builders, architects, contractors, and affordable housing developers.
  • Our commitment to transparency ensures that you have access to a clear and reliable source for all your construction material needs.
  • We provide an inclusive platform that serves as a singular destination for all your Capital Expenditure (Capex) requirements, whether you're setting up new manufacturing facilities or enhancing existing plants
  • Our approach supports both manufacturers' supply and demand by offering them the chance to expand their product reach globally. This open ecosystem creates opportunities for growth and collaboration within the manufacturing industry.

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